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Help warehouse improve work efficiency

AVG System

AGV system is a completely autonomous robot, which can carry and transport goods in production, warehouse and distribution center without manual intervention or using permanent conveying system.


Conveyor Belt System

Conveyor belt system can connect the various processes. There are many advantages of conveying system, such as narrowing product gap and measuring conveying time.


Sorting Material System

Reliable, fast and efficient order processing depends on the high throughput sorting system, which is the core of modern distribution center. Guided by advanced controls and software, the comprehensive linear and circular conveying sorting system can optimize warehouse operation and improve the visualization of supply chain.

Robot System

In order to fulfill orders more quickly and accurately, manual sorting is being eliminated. The automated sorting robot system replaces expensive labor with automation solutions for key warehouse functions


Workstation System


Reduce promotion and promotion to ensure the safety of workers. Seamless integration with automation equipment. It allows workers to store and transfer goods with high sorting efficiency

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